[interview] Pelle Åhman talks about NO FUTURE

NO FUTURE comes from Sweden and plays a very unique kind of music. Having members from Watain, In Solitude and Reveal, they will play their second show ever in Madrid (Spain) on the 24th of April. Pelle Åhman (vocals, drums) talks to us about the band. By Morpheus Misfit

* Hello..first of all: you choose Madrid for your second show in your history…why Madrid?

A fortunate turn of events because of the undercurrent of a great womans destiny, actually. It shall be an austere spruce towards the Spanish sundown.

* A halo of mistery covers the band, which is also something that attracs people to you. The music is also some kind of enigmatic…is this something intended to attract people?

We do not aim to hide or robe anything. Rather to uncover a passage or a vestige in what we’ve raked and gathered on certain pastures up here. Outfields where things tend to be quite crooked and clouded, hence the enigmatic intonation. Hopefully it’ll attract something that in turn attracts towards a greater wilderness.

417544_244854795588841_1355940252_n[1]* Someone described the sound and a mix between punk and heavy metal, with very catchy ritmn…how would you describe it yourselves?

Folk music for empty rooms.

* Having members of known bands as Watain or In Solitude…do you think that using that background to be known is good? that people relates you to those bands when hearing No Future?

We feel that it has little to do with what comes out of our trumpet in the end. Maybe its been used by others we’ve collaborated with in order to attract attention. Clubs etc. For all I know, I am no one.

* What are your main goals as a band? just to show your art to the world, to get somewhere with this?

We wish to sing some of our conclusions in a tone that is acute to us. Hopefully it might rub against the rhythm between the soul and what animates it. It does for us at least, which is priority numero uno.

* People start calling you a “cult band”…do you consider yourselves as a cult band?

I’m not sure what constitutes a “cult” band, but I feel quite uncomfortable with its implications. So no, I don’t think so.

* Is No Future just a scapegoat for something you cannot do in your main bands, or do you consider this a full time and serious project?

No Future is not a scapegoat in any sense, no. It is by all means a “full time” and “serious” project. Who would have time for anything else? This band is just as important to us as any other project we’re involved in. The things that are said in No Future just had to be expressed in this particular way and has little to do with anything else we’re involved in. And you also have to remember that this band is very old and we’ve been around much longer than most people know.

* This album of your was edited in tape and only with a very limited edition of ..I think..200 copies…do you intend to make the distribution bigger or do you want to keep with this DIY philosophy?

We will always do everything ourselves and distribute it as widely as we can afford basically. With a Little help from friends and allies around the world as well.

* Are there bands out there that are playing today that you can relate to, sounding wise?

Alfarmania & Merit Hemmingson/Beppe Wolger’s “Det for två vita duvor” would be two.

1922233_618760224864961_1518030804_n[1]* Are you planning in releasing more new songs in the near future?

10. We are currently finishing the last details for an upcoming seven inch that should surface in a not to distant future. An ode to the last road of absence to the great presence.

* The sound in the voice and the guitars specially is very eerie and sound from other era…how do you get that, which effects or tricks do you use?

We use what we’ve learned from nature.

* “Alright” is one my favourites songs on that cassette you released. Which do you consider your strongest song up the date?

There is a continual song, yet unreleased, called “Brevmört” that we’re all very fond of. Our first song “What we are doing here” is also very important to us. It has something very special about it because of the time and place where it was recorded.