Profusion (interview in english) – 2012

1) Tell us how did the band … The beginnings .. Whose was the idea to start a band?

V.S: Profusion were born from the idea to form a “just for fun band” for the summer. The idea came up to me and my close friend Gionatan while he was playing in another teen garage band. We asked a friend of us to join the band as bass player and we decided to call the trio “Mardi Gras Experience”. The name had to reflect the variety of musical genres that we wanted to mix in our project, like in a carnival. Nowadays we still maintain this philosophy.

2) The main change from first to second CD is the singer’s swap. Where you’ve found Luca? He’s not the typical metal singer and this is the best-thing. He’s coming from the Soul and other styles … How did he do to adapt so well to Profusion’s style?

L.L.: At first I engaged myself to Profusion just to get involved in something new. I’m grown not only singing soul and R&B. I can remember myself singing Depeche Mode and Iron Maiden since my 14s. Btw I’ve always thought there’s lot of expression in every kind of music so, not expecting it, I found myself naturally in contact with the band and its mood.

3) In your name (Profusion) I see the union of two words “Progressive” & “Fusion” and I think it’s something you do perfectly … What do you think about this?

L.L: It’s simple to give to name Profusion a sum of PROGRESSIVE and FUSION. That’s stated. But the best meaning of the band name is PROFUSION as it is. Profusion intended as “everything we like and comes to our minds”, a “profusion of things (real or not) that every day we find around us”.

4) Where did you get the name of Rewotower?

G.C: We loved to have something original as album title, and a palyndrom-style word represented closely the idea of our entire musical work. We love to write this word with some capitals, like “RewoToweR”, in order to read it in both ways from center to right and viceversa. “RewoToweR” reflects the album itself, that is a path through the floors of a tower. Every floor is not only a song but also a state of mind and a particular single experience. At the end of this path you will find you’re at the beginning of a new path, ready for a new experience. As if life would be made by circles…

5) How is going the reception of the new album by the press and fans? The few reviews I’ve read were very positive …

V.S: We think that the feedback was really good! We’re very very happy! 🙂

On this link you can find almost entire archive of our reviews…

6) It seems that everyone loves the song “Chuta Chani”. Tell us where came this song from? … What’s meaning/story behind this song? why you decided to record it ..?

V.S: When talking about Chuta Chani, you need always consider Tkeshi, the track before Chuta Chani, it’s some kind of intro for Chuta Chani that literally means “Small Chani”, (Chan/Laz/Mingrelian/Georgian languages are Kartvelian language subdivisions. The music mainly is our reinterpretation of Georgian folk themes. Georgian folk has always had its progressive potential, so it’s a natural evolution for us.

“Tkeshi” (meaning “In the forest” in Georgian), starts with forest sounds, step sounds, and then simple but very mystic chords played on Panduri (Georgian 3-stringed instrument). After this, strings enter and announce Modified “Khorumi” rhythm. “Khorumi” is one of Georgian national dances. “Chuta Chani” is originally Georgian folk song sung in Megrelian (a beautiful language spoken in Samegrelo, region in the western part of Georgia).

Verses are sung in English, but original Mingrelian lyrics are kept in places, which adds the special colour to it all. Song closes with another classical-folk theme. It’s Zakaria Paliashvili’s “Daisi” (Sunset), a famous Georgian composer. Chuta Chani is our tribute to Georgian culture. Ah, why all this? 🙂 The answer is simple – Vladimer (Lado) is Georgian 🙂

7) Maybe the multi-ethnic sound is what I like most the album. Do you have any idea for the band’s third album? Who are the composers generally?

V.S: Obviously there will be a lot of fresh things… and yes it will be once again multi-ethnic! It’s our force and our right, because we’re multi-ethnic band, although mainly we’re Italians. Except me :D…I’m Georgian native, coming from Caucasus! 🙂 Every component of the band is a composer on his own way. We’re used to be open minded and mix our music cultures and flavours one another. Sometimes everything starts with a simple melody…or a groove 🙂

G.C.: We are living a very difficult moment regarding Poetry. The world, as we’ve always known it, is going to change radically and Poetry nowadays seems to suffer the emptiness of meanings typical of the excessive quantity of information. Music is Poetry. It is subjected to this confusion as well. Our next work will take its basis from the consciousness raising of this crisis. Music and texts of our new album will reflect the chaos, the new millennium information frenzy and culture emptiness.

8) How is a Profusion show? Do you play covers? Do you have plans to do a tour?

V.S: We’re working a lot to improve our live presence. As we define us young band, there is too much to do…Yes, we play covers, classic prog covers that we love.

It’s hard to do it without a tour manager or someone who manages this sort of things, but we really hope to have an opportunity to do a world tour someday.

9) Your country is best-know in Metal mainly for Power Metal bands such as Rhapsody, Vision Divine, Labyrinth, etc. Do you know more bands of Progressive Rock/Heavy like you in Italy? Choose a few bands do you like to play or do a tour.

V.S: I think that Italy is mostly the motherland of Rock Progressivo italiano. So Metal bands mentioned above are a part of a new history of Italian Prog. It would be greate to play with Prog Grands like Rush, Transatlantic, Spock’s Beard, Porcupine Tree ….ah ah ah sweet dreams! 🙂 There a so many great bands in the world… Let’s hope someday…somewhere…. Why not with Riverside in Poland ? Or Haken in UK? 🙂

10) This is a nowadays question… What’s your opinion about the Internet and the music downloaded?

L.L: It could be a good way of sharing music worldwide but it still has something to solve such as piracy. For sure it could be much more developed.

T.L: We still need to find a balance between the way music is shared nowadays and return of revenue to artists, which is very important to support emerging bands.

11) In our website, in addition to music, we’ve a cinema section where we discuss about movies. Which are your favorites movies of all time? What about your favorites soundtracks?

L.L.: there are several starting from Frankenstein Jr. and the Rocky Horror Picture Show to Underworld saga and Lord of Rings… Wall-e… then comedies and on and on… really too much!!

L.C: This question is too difficult, there are too many! 🙂

T.L: I like very much Sci-fi (Matrix and Blade Runner on top) and animation movies (Shrek etc…).

V.S: I do love cinema! My favourite director is Andrey Tarkovskij! In my opinion he’s a main guide for other directors…he’s The poet of cinema!

G.C: I like Stanley Kubrik: he’s the only one that gave music a narrative role.

12) What can I found in your I-pod? Some cool band to recommend it?

V.S: I’ve a Android Phone, is it the same?:) Anyway: Ennio Morricone’s -The Best Of, Riverside – Second Life Syndrome Patrick Williams – Threshold, Robert Glasper – Canvas, Spock’s Beard – Snow, Rush – Chronicles and Profusion – RewoToweR 🙂

L.L.: ehm… maybe something different from the other in the band: Erika Badu “Window Seat”, lots of old Jazz standards for example “Lush Life” from Sarah Vaughan, Stevie Wonder “As”, Bjork “Possibly Maybe”, Nine Inch Nails “Closer”, Faith No More “Evidence”, Depeche Mode “I feel you”, Adele “Rumours” etc etc

L.C. :Nothing … because I have not I-pod! 🙂 I recommend to look for music that does not pass by big commercial channels and you will discover a fantastic world … 😉

T.L: Too many to list 🙂 always preferred Sympony X,U2, Dire Straits, Extreme , Van Halen, Carpark North, Smashing Pumpkings, and some italians too.

G.C: I have no I-pod.

13) This is a question that always we do in our magazine… The 13th=Joke Question 🙂 What’s the best song to hear while you’re having sex?

V.S: In that instance… my music and my inspiration is my lady 🙂 Foxy Lady! Yeah! 😀

L.L: muahahaha ok let’s do it… Prince “Scandalous” , Rihanna “Skin”, Toni Braxton “Sposed to be” etc etc

L.C:While I have sex I prefer the sound of silence, it’s a private moment, but before have it “Counting Out Time” Genesis to a good way to approach…

T.L: none !

G.C: Silence, absolute silence..

14) Leaving a bit of music … How do you see politics today? Coming from Italy talk of Berlusconi is almost inevitable … How do you see the world in 10 years?

L.C: I Think that today the politic situation is better than yesterday, but it’s still a bad period ….why do you think that the world will exist in the next 10 years? 🙂

L.L: OMG politics!!! grrrrr … where’s my pitchfork!!

T.L: we replaced a clown with a banker. I still don’t know which is worst.

V.S:Let’s do a Revolution! It’s time to wake up!

G.C: In ten years? Maybe we will have gone through a new world war and we will be playing much more live music than nowadays.

That’s all… I wanna thank you for your time… the last words are for you…enerally?

Mariano! Thank you for an opportunity! Once in Spain… we know who to call for a beer! 🙂